Mulvane Patriots

9 Patriots Selected for the Sunflower All-Star Game

Coach Strunk and 9 players to represent the Patriots in the All-Star game.

by Kasey McDowell

Posted on June 29, 2018 12:00 AM

9 of the Mulvane Patriots players and Coach Strunk are headed to Hutchinson on Saturday June 30th to participate in the Collegiate Sunflower League All-Star game which is being held at Hobart-Detter Field at 7:00 PM.

Coach Strunk, who has lead the second year Patriots team to a 13-5-1 record (10-4 league) at the All-Star break, will be the head coach of the "Stripes" team. The players who were selected are as follows:

Pitchers: Dakota Rodd, Zach Bilek, Drake Harper, Mark Hartley
Catchers: Caleb Cox
Infield: Devin Beard, Channing Williams
Outfield: Keone Givens, Javis Larson

The All-Stars from other teams that are joining the Patriots on the "Stripes" team are:
Pitchers: Dominic Robinson, (Monarchs), Drew Jindra (Monarchs), Tony Caporrimo (Rebels), Jackson Rutledge (Monarchs), Collin Kessler (Monarchs)

Catchers: Cooper Minnick (Monarchs)

Infielders: Cale Thompson (Rebels), Jordan Martinez (Monarchs), Dylan Nedved (Monarchs), Jordan Kennedy (Shock), Jake Nielson (Shock), Taylor Barber (Monarchs), Brody Mariotti (Rebels)

Outfielders: Jack Leydon (Rebels), Eric Bonhert (Monarchs), Nolan Hakel (Monarchs), Riley Metzger (Monarchs), Ed Scott (Shock)
The "Stars" team is made up of the following players:
Pitchers: Tony Horn (Diamond Dawgs), Coleton Crisp (Sluggers), Nate Postlethwait (Diamond Dawgs), Jeff Wilson (Diamond Dawgs), Corbin Bozosi (Diamond Dawgs), Connor Brooks (Warhawks), Corey Cater (Warhawks), Jared Scott (Warhawks), Tanner Olmstead (Sluggers)

Catchers: Ethan Bergkamp (Warhawks), John Michael Russ (Diamond Dawgs)

Infielders: Armanda Cruz (Sluggers), Max Gamm (Warhawks), Jackson Glenn (Diamond Dawgs), Ryan Moritz (Diamond Dawgs), Jack Maki (Sluggers), Scott Hastings (Diamond Dawgs), Trace Maddux (Sluggers), Andrew Miller (Diamond Dawgs), James Marcinkowski (Warhawks), Dominic DeMarco (Diamond Dawgs)

Outfielders: Wade Raburn (Diamond Dawgs), Hunter Douglas (Diamond Dawgs), Kyler Castillo (Diamond Dawgs), Josh Cox (Sluggers), Tresten Kennard (Diamond Dawgs), Brayden Whitchurch (Sluggers)

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